Enterogermina (Bacillus clausii) – Review of Scientific Literature

I just thought I'd write up a post on the benefits of the probiotic formulation Enterogermina and briefly review the scientific literature available on the supplement. Enterogermina® (Bacillus clausii) is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, a French pharmaceutical company. Enterogermina is heat-stable, does not require refrigeration, and can be purchased on Amazon. Enterogermina is the only formulation of B. …

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Safe-for-Me Products: The List of What I Use

Corn Allergy Girl

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Last updated November 2017. 

I have been hesitant to publish a list of what I use.  Sensitivities vary so wildly and there is no such thing as a list of foods that will work for everyone with a corn allergy. For that reason, I’ve erred on the side of being overly cautious to avoid causing someone a reaction. But PLEASE try any product with caution, no matter who is recommending it. The first trial should be only a very small amount and always with rescue meds and other safety precautions prepared, including someone around to help in case of reaction.

This is a product list with some hints at how I locate safe produce. For the specific list…

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What I Can Eat

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Varanasi Haiku

the !n(tro)verted yogi

Sacred Ganga,
Welcome to our city.
What gifts you’ll take.

Narrow warren,
lanes lined with bright-hued goods,
bangle blind and lost.

Cattle herd
roams the parched mudflat,
kicking up dust.

A golden bridge
visits each morning, and
exits silently.

Wood stackers
endlessly working
the burning ghats.

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Treatment: Where do I go from Here #1

Comments and criticisms:
(1) Bacterial migration IS bi-directional: gut health impacts oral health (I developed horrible plaques after FMT)
(2) Problem-causing bacteria are NOT thugs. Simply a matter of checks and balances gone awry, as is the case in C. difficile infection. Competition imparts stability to an ecological community
(3) Failure for FMT to work in the long-term (temporary relief only) may be due to other factors such as insufficient secretory IgA production, as sIgA not only protects against pathogens but also provides a scaffolding platform for beneficial commensals.

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A new reader emailed me and provided a very detailed medical history and asked for suggestions. The reader knows that the issue is in the gut very well, is well educated in health issues and have seen several of the leading medical authorities. Almost all treatments failed to have any positive results.

Reader Beware

Before I go through my analysis of the information and make proposals to discuss with their health professionals. I should clarify that I am not a MD, nor a health professional. My current job title is Principal Software Engineer for a rapidly growing company that has received over $140 million in venture capital over the last year or so. In the past I have held Senior software positions for both Amazon and Microsoft; I get regular ongoing contact from Google HR to join their team (which would be a trifecta for my curriculum vitae). I was in a gifted…

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Probiotic News – Nov, 2017

Further evidence of the connection between oral and gut health as well as the effect of pancrelipase on the gut microbiota composition

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  • Polysaccharides from Aloe vera may boost the growth of beneficial gut bacteria such as Bifidobacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp., says a new study from Chile that supports the prebiotic potential of the compounds. [src]


  • “An international team of researchers has found evidence that suggests certain types of oral bacteria may cause or exacerbate bowel disorders. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes testing the impact of introducing bacteria found in the mouths of humans to mice models.” [src]
    • “In the first experiment, the researchers introduced human saliva from people with Crohn’s disease into the guts of mice with a sterilized gut microbiome. Doing so, they found, led to gut inflammation in some cases. A closer look revealed the bacteria responsible for the inflammation was Klebsiella pneumoniae, “
  • Analyses in mice suggest that dietary salt increases blood pressure partly by…

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Probiotics News – June 2018

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This is a continuation of my trying to get caught up on reviewing interesting news. Sometimes a new dimension appears that results in enhancements of the analysis site; other times, it is just interesting events happening. The quality of the items can be questionable (marketing literature), often the reviews reveal some interesting gems.

  • Gigantic study of Chinese babies yields slew of health data
    “The Chinese team has so far avoided similar problems. Its rich collection of 1.6 million biological samples includes specimens of stools, blood, placental tissue and umbilical cords. Extensive surveys also record participants’ eating habits, mental health, and other lifestyle factors, such as the amount of mould in their house.”
  • “Gut microbiota modulate neurobehavior through changes in brain insulin sensitivity and metabolism”[src]
  • ‘Social microbes’ critical to brain development…Absence linked to reduced sociability in people with autism spectrum disorders”[src]
  • From src
  • PowerPoint ?????????
  • nha-4-nha170030-g003
  • nha-4-nha170030-g004
  • Designing large-scale gut…

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