Enterogermina – Four Bacillus clausii Strains

Thankfully, Enterogermina is now available on eBay and Amazon.

CFS Remission

A niece happen to be vacationing in Italy and every time that a friend or family goes to a different country, I start looking for established probiotics that may be marketed only in that country which has PubMed studies. Enterogermina in Italy is one such treasure (in theory). Originally, the species was classified as Bacillus subtilis, which was later corrected to Bacillus clausii [“Bacillus clausii sporulated strains are actually used in the treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses to restore intestinal flora because of their antibiotic resistance and ability to stimulate immune activity…They have shown that B. clausii in Enterogermina can in fact colonize for brief periods of time on the intestinal wall of the gut, and provoke immune response in mice to rid of pathogenic bacteria. “]

https://www.enterogermina.it/ is their site. It does not require refrigeration, thus nice for mailing around the world. (As a FYI, back in 2000, I arranged…

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An Awesome Clinical Trial: Anyone in Europe, IBS folks in US

CFS Remission

This week I talked with some folks at  Glycom, based in Denmark. I had made contact with them because of seeing a post from someone stating their product “2-FL” resulted in them no longer being histamine sensitive. Histamine issues are very hard to deal with, see this post. This product is not for sale in the US. BUT there is a clinical trial for IBS (Rome IV Criteria ) (opened on May 14th, 2018), Effect of HMOs as Nutritional Support for Normal Bowel Movements in IBS Patients (GRIPS) <– this is the link to the official page

What is HMO?

It’s Human Milk Oligosaccharides — to be more precise, bio-identical oligosaccharides  which would be found in mother’s milk. We all know that a child that is breast fed usually grows up with less health problems than a bottle fed one.

You may know of and benefited from whey, prebiotics…

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Reducing Anaerostipes Genus

CFS Remission

Some CFS uBiome are high in this. In Ian Lipkin et al 2017 study, high Anaerostipes Caccae and Eubacterium Hallii was reported (on average) for the sample population.

Caution on this applying to all CFS patients. The sample may have been biased towards patients taking inulin as prescribed by MDs or via some probiotics.

High Anaerostipes have not been seenin most uBiome samples that I have reviewed from readers. I did an earlier post for a specific strain here.

This post describes what feeds or inhibits it.

From DataPunk.net


  • D-Glucose


  • Flaxseed


  • Walnuts
  • Saccharomyces boulardii


From PubMed

  • Symptoms:
    • Anaerostipes were correlated with negative mood. ” [2016]
  • Food:
    • “Anaerostipes, were increased by whole black raspberries” [2017]
    • Fructose Diet may help [2017] – Glucose feeds it, Frucrose does not.
  • Probiotics:
    • “Probiotic (Lactobacillus paracasei DG )…

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Decreasing Sutterella (genus) 

CFS Remission

The Sutterella genus can be high or low in CFS patients. I did a post earlier in increasing it.




PubMed Data

There are 70+ studies on PubMed.

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Other Labs and Suggestions Updated

CFS Remission

The site http://microbiomeprescription.azurewebsites.net has been evolving with the addition of more and more data and features — often put together quickly. Sometime if is time to redo a section.  I have redone “Other Labs”, including a prototype of where I would like to take suggestions.

If you click on http://microbiomeprescription.azurewebsites.net/Labs you will see the labs currently supported.

When you click on one, say the newest one: GanzImmun Diagnostics AG Befundbericht, you will see the bacteria in the lab with a drop down for you to enter the amount of shift reported.


Enter the values, and click submit. You will be taken to the new Suggestions page.

The suggestions have a section…

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How to upload your uBiome for analysis [Updated]

CFS Remission

Uploads are welcome for all conditions

Downloading your uBiome data

After logging into uBiome, you will see an ‘Advanced’ tab on your menu  bar.

  • Click it
  • A dropdown menu will appear
  • Click ‘Download’
  • Choices will appear on the left.

Some people report not seeing this. Wait 60 seconds and press F5 (Refresh) — it will usually appear then.


  • Click on Download Taxonomy (Json)
  • Depending on your browser, you may see the data in a new tab or be prompted for a name
  • json
  • If the above case, a Control- S should bring up a dialog to save it:
  • saveas
  • I usually add .json to the end

Using A Mac

  • MAC’s will often save it as a .webarchive which will not work for an upload. So:
    • Open a Text Editor
    • Copy  the entire…

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New Ubiome Interface and Predictions

CFS Remission

A reader asked me to review.. I was disappointed


I have never had issues with gluten… yet ubiome suggests that I may…  strange







Well, they are doing a token effort so they can claim making recommendations…

Lactose Intolerance

I have zero issue with lactose. Their report suggests that I should be intolerant …hmmm


Bottom Line

This is a quarter-hearted (not even half-hearted) effort to be able to claim giving useful advice. They provide citations — so do I. They have less than 2 dozens, I have about 50 dozen…. so that means they have done a 4% effort… hmmm

A lot of “may help” on their pages…

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