Carbohydrates, not animal fats, linked to heart disease across 42 European countries

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POEM: A Certain Madness


the !n(tro)verted yogi

there’s a certain madness
running through this world
times of tiding gladness
lightning bolts are hurled

in the soul of state
riding tides of nation
as we’re dodging fate

singing songs of nowhere
drumming beats of now
stumbling down the upstairs
counting whys and hows

subcutaneous drum beat
sinking to the bone
sitting in the fire seat
deflecting all the stones

so many without sin
or so they seem to feel
tossing stones on whim
sharpening their steel

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Propionibacterium freudenreichii – Another Probiotic of Interest

CFS Remission

Many thanks to Espen Samuelsen for finding another commercially available probiotic that I was not aware of: Propionibacterium freudenreichii 

It is available as NutriCology Allergy Research‘s Securil Propio-Fidus.

No, it’s not a psychoanalysis probiotic (the “Freud” in it’s name), it is actually used in making  Emmental cheese!

So what do we know about it (apart from being used to make one of my favorite cheeses!)

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Safe-for-Me Products: The List of What I Use

Corn Allergy Girl

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Last updated November 2017. 

I have been hesitant to publish a list of what I use.  Sensitivities vary so wildly and there is no such thing as a list of foods that will work for everyone with a corn allergy. For that reason, I’ve erred on the side of being overly cautious to avoid causing someone a reaction. But PLEASE try any product with caution, no matter who is recommending it. The first trial should be only a very small amount and always with rescue meds and other safety precautions prepared, including someone around to help in case of reaction.

This is a product list with some hints at how I locate safe produce. For the specific list…

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What I Can Eat

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Enterogermina (Bacillus clausii) – Review of Scientific Literature

I just thought I'd write up a post on the benefits of the probiotic formulation Enterogermina and briefly review the scientific literature available on the supplement. Enterogermina® (Bacillus clausii) is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, a French pharmaceutical company. Enterogermina is heat-stable and does not require refrigeration. Enterogermina is the only formulation of B. clausii (1) that has been …

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Varanasi Haiku

the !n(tro)verted yogi

Sacred Ganga,
Welcome to our city.
What gifts you’ll take.

Narrow warren,
lanes lined with bright-hued goods,
bangle blind and lost.

Cattle herd
roams the parched mudflat,
kicking up dust.

A golden bridge
visits each morning, and
exits silently.

Wood stackers
endlessly working
the burning ghats.

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