Biohacking the Microbiome

CFS Remission

I recently attended a meetup for Biohackers Seattle. This was a good presentation by Masha on what biohacking was — EXCEPT for one omission — nothing on the slides dealt with microbiome biohacking.

Deja Vu: Over the last two decades, I have seen many many different techniques tried to biohack myalgic encephalomyelitis. The pattern is often a few positive reports using the biohack du jour, a diverse group try it, in the larger group — the number of negative responses keep growing against a small number of positive responses. As a statistician,  I recognized the placebo effect combined with the use of only subjective evaluation and no control group. At least 80% of the items on the biohack list are familiar from these two decades of observations.

Microbiome biohacking is complex to do right

The foundation of microbiome biohacking is a comprehensive report on your gut microbiome, ideally…

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MicrobiomePrescription Site Revision – Stage 1

CFS Remission

This week I have taken off from work to do some serious refactoring on the recommendation site. The first phrase is to simplify recommendations and make items clearer for the brain fogged. At present we have 6,977 different relationshipsfor modifying bacteria in our database.


  • One of the recommendations was for  naringenin. This is mainly found in grapefruit fruit . Very few of my readers would discover this.
  • Often the same item would have multiple names, common name, scientific name or the dominant chemical in it.

The apparent change in Stage 1 is on a single item “Modifiers”,


You will see that the old items are clustered into groups.

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