New study provides key factor to avoiding leaky gut?

Hack your gut

Over the last few years, “leaky gut” has moved from pure quackery to one of the leading topics in immunological research.  Part of this is because people refer to it as leaky gut, which doesn’t really lend any scientific credence to the topic.  Truth be told, I hate this term, preferring the much more scientifically accurate intestinal permeability.  But I can’t control what people search over the internet.

As you may have guessed by the name of my blog, I feel gut health is a critical factor in overall health.  But my perspective is vastly different than most on the subject.  In a time when people focus solely on things like probiotics, antimicrobial supplements, glutamine, and other things that we put in to our gut, my approach is firmly planted in lifestyle that includes multiple factors.  Things like circadian rhythms and such.

In my opinion, the study last year showing…

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