14 Reasons We Feel Tired All the Time

Image Credit: Fatigue Science

I recently read an excellent TIME article on causes of fatigue that really resonated with me (both because of my personal history with anemia and my being guilty of a few of these habits), and I wanted to share it with all of you. This list thoroughly addresses both physical and mental fatigue, and I think many of us feeling sluggish this Monday morning can identify with #14 ;).

1. You skip exercise when you’re tired

2. You don’t drink enough water

3. You’re not consuming enough iron

4. You’re a perfectionist

5. You make mountains out of molehills

6. You skip breakfast

7. You live on junk food

8. You have trouble saying ‘no’

9.  You have a messy office

10. You work through vacation

11. You have a glass of wine (or two) before bed

12. You check e-mails at bedtime

13. You rely on caffeine to get through the day

14. You stay up late on weekends

Now that you know what may be responsible for your fatigue, you’re better equipped to address the problem. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


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