Live: “Ripples from the Big Bang” – A World Science Festival Event

big bang
Image Credit: RedOrbit

Ripples From The Big Bang: Listening To The Beginning Of Time

In March, a major breakthrough in understanding the origin of universe took the scientific community–and the general public–by storm. A team lead by astronomer John Kovac, using a powerful telescope at the South Pole, reported evidence of ripples in the fabric of space time produced by the big bang, a long-sought prediction of our most refined approach to cosmology, the inflationary theory. Amidst the worldwide celebration, though, some have been quietly suggesting that the champagne has been uncorked prematurely. Join a singular conversation, among the world’s most respected pioneers in cosmological theory and observation, that will explore the state of the art in the ongoing quest to understand the beginning of the universe.

Date: Friday May 30, 2014
Time: 08:00 PM-09:30 PM
Venue: NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
Moderator: Brian Greene
Participants: Andrei LindeAlan GuthAmber MillerJohn KovacPaul Steinhardt

Follow my liveblogging coverage here.

Great video that clearly explains how gravitational waves were discovered and their significance to our understanding of the universe – See more at:

inflationary theory


Of course, no discussion involving Andrei Linde is complete without the heartwarming moment when Linde first received the wonderful news of the amazing discovery:

Update: The World Science Festival tweeted some of my posts!


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