Detours From a Dogwood Festival

Sheryl Crow’s sixth studio album has nothing on the adventure my family and I had today. After driving an hour in downtown Atlanta traffic to attend the 78th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park, I finally turned into the parking facility only to discover that the parking deck was full, and no other parking was available. So my parents and I decided to hit up Five Guys on Main Street where I ordered two hamburgers. Afterwards, our parking meter still had twenty minutes left (we paid for an hour), so we strolled down Main Street for a while.

IMG_1961   IMG_1962

Before long, we came across this amazing sculpture of a hydrogen atom!! A fine example of the convergence of arts and science:

IMG_1965 IMG_1967 IMG_1971Afterwards, we headed on over to IKEA:

IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1978 IMG_1980 IMG_1981 IMG_1989 IMG_1994 IMG_1999

And I took some shots of midtown while driving back home:

IMG_2008 IMG_2009 IMG_2012 IMG_2017

All in all, an eventful day. 🙂


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